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“Why I Haven’t Been Criticizing Fayemi” – Fayose Gives Shocking Reason

When Asked, What is your impression about governance in Ekiti under Governor Kayode ?

Again, I am no more the governor. And if you watched me very carefully, I have not criticised that government since they came to power.

I am just one of the 2.2 million people in Ekiti state. They were busy criticising me while I was governor; that is their style. The fact that they do something that is not good does not mean that I should do it. Since Joe Biden became President of the United States, as loud as Donald Trump could be, you don’t hear him talking and criticising. It is their government and it is the people that will decide who they want next. So, I have decided to keep mum on governance in Ekiti because I don’t want them to say it was that didn’t let them perform. Let them showcase themselves for the good people of Ekiti to judge them. So, I am not going to comment about ’s administration. I wish him well.

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